tmjd dvd by dr dennis steigerwaldThis 80 minute DVD & 60 page workbook TMD Training System represents the core information, videos and training from Dr. Steigerwald’s 4 weekend/48 hour seminar series which was approved for continuing education for Chiropractors in most states in the US and approved for continuing education for Dentists in California.


  • Arthroscopic videos of the TM joints: look inside healthy, inflamed and mechanically deranged TMJs. Finally see what you’re treating!
  • Video demonstration and explanation of TMD examination techniques and TM joint manipulation/mobilization.
  • How to develop a specific and accurate TMD diagnostic impression accepted in court and by all TMD disciplines.
  • Learn a simple test to help you rule in or rule out malingering, symptom exaggeration and false complaint.
  • Computer animations of the TMJ injury during whiplash, normal TMJ/disc movement, TMJ clicking and TMJ closed lock.
  • Computer animation of the most common TMJD pain patterns.
  • How to solve the overlap of symptoms from three common whiplash injuries:
    cervical injury, closed head injury and TMJ injury.
  • Treatment suggestions: 
    home care, physiotherapy and TMJ manipulation are covered with case presentations.
  • How to coordinate treatments with, make referrals to and get referrals from health professionals in other disciplines.
  • PLUS… One hour FREE phone/computer tutoring with Dr. Steigerwald included with the purchase of the TMD Training System!

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tmjd training system


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