Lyme/Tick Borne Diseases and TMJD

There is an emerging recognition of the relationship between infection, immune system dysfunction, inflammation and systemic chronic diseases including joint/disc disease and neuropathy. I am including this section under the heading of Lyme disease because Lyme is starting to get so much recognition. In reality, tick borne spirochete diseases would be more appropriate.

I will post a number of articles and studies under this heading in the hope that doctors treating TMJD symptoms like headache, neck pain, shoulder/upper quarter pain, dizziness and tinnitus with or without local jaw pain/clicking/locking will consider the possibility of a co-morbid infection/inflammation condition.

These spirochetes are known to attack joints and nerves and they stimulate an inflammatory response which may well become chronic and, as we know, inflammation, with or without joint deformation, is at the heart of TMJD. I feel that the more knowledgeable we become about tick borne diseases, the better we will be at treating all neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders including TMJD.

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